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Investment Guided by Scientific Principles

Powered by Technological Innovations


About Scientech

Scientech Research Capital is a quantitative trading firm embodied by a group of scientists and technologists. At Scientech we strive to leverage the innovations and breakthroughs in technology to discover fundamental values in the financial markets. We pride ourselves in adhering to scientific principles and nurturing creativity in quantitative research. As a proprietary trading firm, we utilize our own capital to deploy investments, accessing major global electronic markets. Since the company was founded in 2019, our trading strategies and infrastructure have weathered through the 2020 financial market storm, riding unseen volatility spike and handling massive data volume with ease. We are actively seeking talents to build out our multi-asset trading and research platform, and extend the footprint to global markets.

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Extensive scientific knowledge leading to 1000+ statistical/machine learning models created, studied and trained




Cutting-edge technology connecting 10+ exchanges globally, processing 100+ terabytes data and handling $1B trading volume each day, swiftly and smartly



Intelligent research framework leveraging unlimited cloud computing power for big data exploring and quantitative model innovation




As Scientechers we are commiting to solve the modern financial market.

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