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Trading Support Specialist
(Work Remotely, working hour: 2am to 9am Eastern Time)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Support equities/futures trading desks in Asian and European market hours (2 am to 9 am Eastern Time).

  2. Monitor trading PnL, risk exposures and capital usage.

  3. Monitor trading systems and work with engineers to resolve technical issues.

  4. Reconcile positions and trades with brokers, and research and resolve breaks

  5. Follow financial market news and work with portfolio managers to adjust trading configurations.



  1. Basic knowledge of financial markets and trading.

  2. Ability to use command line tools in the Linux environment.

  3. Ability to implement small scale projects using Bash or Python scripting language.

  4. Work experience within the financial industry is a plus.

  5. Being fast, critical and reasonable in thinking.

  6. Good communicator, being rigorous, patient, and having a strong sense of teamwork.

  7. Highly motivated, and able to work in a fast-paced environment.


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