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Trading Support Specialist
(Working hours: 7:00-15:00 Beijing time. Flexible work schedule arrangement possible, with overtime required during holidays when necessary.)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor real-time trading activities across domestic and international markets, including transactions, risk exposure, and other relevant data. 

  2. Accurate and timely execute of trading orders using the proprietary quantitative trading system, identify and report any trading issues. 

  3. Assist in optimizing trading execution, risk management, and capital management processes. 

  4. Stay abreast of market trends and collaborate with the technology and strategy teams to enhance trading configurations and systems. 

  5. Develop and maintain automated operations and monitoring tools. 

  6. Reconcile positions and trading data, maintain trade logs, and prepare trading reports. 



  1. Bachelor's degree or higher. 

  2. Prior experience in quantitative trading is highly preferred. 

  3. Familiarity with Linux environments and proficiency in Python or Bash scripting languages.

  4. In-depth knowledge of the trading rules and regulations for various asset classes, including stocks, futures, convertible bonds, options, etc. 

  5. Excellent English reading and writing skills. 

  6. Strong execution skills, analytical thinking abilities, and problem-solving capabilities. 

  7. Effective communicator with a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork 

  8. Highly motivated and capable of thriving in a fast-paced environment. 


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