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Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Review and interpret data protocol documents of market data feeds of various financial exchanges.

  2. Implement low latency market data parsers using C++ language.

  3. Analyze market data order entry protocols of various financial exchanges.

  4. Perform order entry system certifications with financial exchanges prior to production trading.

  5. Design and implement using Python language an on-demand parallel computing platform that leverages AWS Batch service on AWS EC2 cloud.

  6. Design in-house data storage solution for large scale time-series data on AWS S3 service. Design data format and implement Python and C++ API library for querying and retrieving data.

  7. Review and analyze existing third-party software build tools such as Google Bazel and Twitter Buck.

  8. Use skill sets include C++, Python, C#, JAVA, AWS, Azure, SQLite, SQL Server, Bash, and Powershell.



  1. Master’s degree in Computer Science plus two years of experience in software engineering of design and development of data pipelines to host machine learning models and process terabytes of business analytics data.

  2. Two years of experience in design and development of cloud-based web application to serve business intelligence, and two years of experience in software development formulating and analyzing software requirements.  

  3. Proficiency in using Python, C#, Pandas, Azure, Powershell, SQL Server and SQL database query language.

Job Location: Jersey City, New Jersey


To Apply: Send resume to Scientech Research LLC at 30 Montgomery St, Suite 310, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Must refer to code #JWNJ2022.

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