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Finance Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze and manage portfolio’s financial risks. Monitor portfolio exposures and margin excess, and manually intervene by adjusting trading system parameters.

  2. Monitor position risks ahead of upcoming earning events and manually trade out large positions.

  3. Identify short positions that have no locate and manually trade to cover.

  4. Work with portfolio managers to adjust trading system parameters to reduce risk exposures and optimize the capital usage.

  5. Identify corporate action events using various data sources.

  6. Apply corporate actions to portfolio positions and perform necessary bookkeeping.

  7. Monitor upcoming stock delisting events and keep impacted positions flat.

  8. Reconcile positions with prime brokers and investigate the position discrepancies. Follow up with prime brokers on questionable position booking.

  9. Reconcile trades with execution brokers and troubleshoot missing trades.

  10. Monitor the trading system and resolve technical issues.

  11. Improve the automation and robustness of trading system and trading strategy.

  12. Use skill sets include SQL queries, Python, Excel VBA.



  1. Master’s degree in Financial Risk Engineering, Finance, or closely related field of study.

  2. Two years of experience in analyzing clients’ financial status, credit and financial standing; two years of experience in analyzing both primary and secondary syndication loan markets; and two years of experience in credit and financial analysis, portfolio management and risk management.

  3. Knowledge of Quantitative Methods in Finance, Financial Risk Management and Asset Pricing, Option Pricing & Stochastic Calculus, Interest Rate Derivatives, Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Finance and Algorithmic Portfolio Management.

To apply: Send resume to Scientech Research LLC at 30 Montgomery St, Suite 310,
Jersey City, NJ 07
302. Must refer to code #SYNJ2022.



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